Already have a diagnosis of ADHD and want to work with our coaching team?

You can take advantage of our Straight-to-Coaching Discovery service! We still need to get to know you, of course, and understand where you are in your ADHD journey, as well as where you hope to go next. But because you’ve already gone through a professional assessment, we can accelerate our usual process and get you working with a coach to discover your inner strengths and true self.

How does it work? 

The first step is to get in touch with our intake team by answering a few questions about yourself here.

We’ll ask you to share your assessment report and from there our psychologists will review your documents to ensure the process was comprehensive and that the results are still valid so we know whether our team can meet your needs. We use your assessment documents to create a personalized discovery session where you will explore all aspects of your ADHD experience: your challenges, frustrations, as well as your goals and dreams. And from there, it’s Straight-to-Coaching with your dedicated coach/therapist.

Learn more about our Straight to Coaching process here.