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Springboard is looking for another medical doctor to join our team. Please contact Lauren Kouba at lmacniven@springboardclinic.com for more details.

Our team consists of medical, psychological, and coaching professionals all specialized in attention difficulties and working closely with one another under one roof to provide unified treatment.

Dr. Ainslie Gray, M.D. Dr. Ainslie Gray, M.D. is the Medical Director of Springboard Clinic, a family physician who has specialized in ADHD and the related learning challenges for the past 20 years. She is a leader in treating a variety of behaviour and attention issues in children and focusing concerns in adults. As a strong advocate of comprehensive care for the “whole” individual/family, Dr. Gray has a unique ability to motivate people to capitalize on their strengths and to take charge of their diagnosis in all areas of their lives. Dr. Gray is an appointed board member of the Canadian Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Resource Alliance (CADDRA), with a special interest in speaking/facilitating continued medical education to improve ADHD awareness and treatment for family physicians.
Dr. Diana Mandeleew, C. Psych. Dr. Diana Mandeleew, C. Psych. is a Clinical Psychologist at Springboard Clinic. She conducts assessments and provides coaching and psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults with focusing issues as well as a wide range of emotional, behavioural and learning concerns.  Dr. Mandeleew’s clinical training included positions at The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, Surrey Place and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).
Dr. Barrie Evans C.Psych. Dr. Barrie Evans C.Psych. is a Consultant Psychologist with Springboard Clinic. He has over 35 years of experience providing services in clinical, counseling, and school psychology with children, adolescents, adults, families and organizations. He has previously worked at the Child and Parent Resource Institute in London, Ontario and was the Executive Director of Vanier Children's Services, a licensed and accredited children's mental health centre. He has extensive clinical experience with ADHD, learning and intellectual disabilities, and emotional and behavioural disorders. He currently coordinates Psychological Services for the Thames Valley District School Board and consults to two child and youth mental health agencies. He is also an Adjunct Clinical Professor in both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Psychiatry at Western University. On a personal note, he is married to a teacher and they have three adult children and three grandchildren.
Laura MacNiven, M.Ed. Laura MacNiven, M.Ed. Health Education, is the Director of Health Education/Coaching at Springboard Clinic. In addition to working with clients and managing the treatment team, she is currently in Calgary exploring and leading the development of our second location. Laura’s background in health literacy and learning resources enables her to develop programming for behaviour change in individuals within the context of their relationships. She sees clients and families of all ages and specializes in working with parents and couples affected by attention issues. Her role also includes the development and execution of training programs for educators, parents, and specialized organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, running, playing with her giant bouvier and exploring the world through the eyes of her toddler son.
Lauren Kouba, B.Com. Lauren Kouba, B.Com, MBA, is the Director of Clinic Services at Springboard Clinic. Experienced in sales and marketing, IT consulting and the management of staff and clients, she oversees the clinic operations.  Lauren also handles new clients, media inquiries and the facilitation of events/workshops. Her dedication to continuous process improvement and healthcare best practices ensures that Springboard’s patients receive the very best support possible.
Joanna Martin Joanna Martin is the Intake Coordinator and Office Manager at Springboard Clinic. Her role in our assessment and treatment processes allow patients to clearly understand the logistics and details of our services before booking. Joanna's friendly and warm personality make what can be a difficult first step straightforward and easy. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and going on big walks with her goldendoodle puppy.
Meghan Badun, M.Sc.OT Meghan Badun, M.Sc.OT, is an Occupational Therapist with an expertise in ADHD coaching. She has assessment and treatment experience with children and adults with a variety of mental health diagnoses. Meghan’s primary focus is on ADHD and its impact on function in the areas of self-care, productivity, and leisure. She has a particular interest in working with clients who have identified fine motor skill and sensory development as important goals.
Anne Bailey, M.A., Ph.D. Anne Bailey, M.A., Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology, is an ADHD Coach and Assessment Consultant at Springboard Clinic. She has assessment and treatment experience with all ages ranging from pre-schoolers to adults dealing with a variety of mental health, emotional, learning and behavioural challenges. Her research interests include neuroplasticity and the effects of early experience and training on behaviours and the brain. Her personal belief is that we should all continue to learn new skills throughout life to maintain a healthy brain.
Tara Boulden, M.Ed. Tara Boulden, M.Ed. Counseling Psychology, is an ADHD coach and Assessment Consultant at Springboard Clinic. Experienced with a wide-ranging client population, she specializes in working with students and has a particular interest in working with anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioural techniques. From an early age Tara has been passionate about learning and trying new things, and she often makes a point of traveling whenever the opportunity is available - whether trekking in South America or exploring the Toronto beaches on her bicycle. 
Michelle Harrison, M.A. Michelle Harrison, M.A. Counselling Psychology, is an ADHD Coach and Assessment Consultant at Springboard Clinic. Her education and work experiences include McGill’s Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. She strives to provide a non-judgmental and empowering coaching atmosphere, and tailors her approach specifically to the unique needs of each individual with whom she works. She has a particular affinity for mindfulness-based approaches to improving well-being. In her spare-time she enjoys yoga, snowboarding, and rock climbing.
Lital Levy, M.A. Psychology Lital Levy, M.A. Psychology, is an ADHD Coach and Assessment Consultant at Springboard Clinic. Drawing from her research on the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD in preschoolers, she is determined to create a screening tool specifically for this age group. She and her father (a pediatrician) have edited three medical books for parents on feeding and nutrition, development and behaviour. She enjoys working with children and adolescents who have anxiety, behavioural and academic difficulties in home and school settings. In her free time, she enjoys bike riding with her bulldog Bella.
Tami Swartz, M.Ed. Tami Swartz, M.Ed. Counseling Psychology, is an ADHD Coach at Springboard Clinic.  Her career choices have afforded her many exciting and diverse opportunities in both education and counseling. She has worked with a wide range of age groups, in elementary schools, university and college settings, as well as at a non-profit counseling centre. Always looking for adventure and new challenges, she spent several years working overseas in Japan, Israel and Hong Kong. In her free time you will often find her hiking with her two young boys, or curled up with a book on ADHD, neuroplasticity, or nutrition.
Patti Thompson Patti Thompson is a certified coach (CPCC) working with adults at Springboard Clinic. She brings a compassionate and results oriented approach to her coaching. With over 20 years of experience in business consulting and coaching, she understands the impact of ADHD on workplace productivity. She assists adults with focusing challenges to streamline routines, organize their workspace to minimize distractions, and match strengths with job responsibilities. For parents who have children with ADHD, she helps them design collaborative strategies for an ADD-friendly home environment. In her spare time, Patti is a Director at Camp Cucumber providing a week long camp experience for single moms on social assistance and their children.
Claire Phillipson, HBA Claire Phillipson, HBA., is Springboard Clinic's Administrative Coordinator. Please contact her if you are looking to make an appointment, or if you require information about our services. Claire also handles billing inquiries, and the facilitation of Springboard events and workshops. In her spare time, she enjoys playing board games with friends, and exploring Toronto's many neighbourhoods on foot.

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