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Parenting with ADHD in Your Home

Parenting with ADHD in Your Home: Sign up for our online course today!

Parenting with ADHD can be exhausting, frustrating, and confusing. If ADHD is in your home, it impacts the way you live, love, and find general satisfaction on a daily basis. In this course, facilitator Laura MacNiven takes parents through a customized journey. From the comfort of your home and at your own pace, she will guide you through a process of self-reflection and recalibration.

How does it work?

This online course includes videos, exercises and handouts that can be easily applied into your everyday parenting decision-making. Over 10 lessons, on your own or with a co-parent, this course will guide you through a process of goal setting and reframing with the aim of finding a more mindful headspace when it comes to dealing with ADHD. We encourage you to set aside between 30-60 minutes a week to dig into this material, and 7 minutes a day to think about the activities in the lessons.

We love this quote from Steve Tyler, Arrowsmith: "You can only change yourself, but isn't it funny that when you do, everything else changes too?"

This course offers an opening to strengthen your mindset in parenting, so you can find your way to being your best self in parenting.

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Cost: CDN $109 or USD $89

How do I sign up?

For Canadian users: Click on the following link to register for the online course

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