We are committed to working with partners in our community to build awareness of the importance of accessing mental health services that help individuals move forward. We love heading out of the office to meet with you in schools, community organizations and at your work place. We believe that dialogue is powerful across multiple environments and through understanding - we can help more individuals of all ages meet their potentials.

A Workshop for Partners of Individuals with Focusing Challenges/ADHD

Finding Joy in your ADHD Relationship: A Workshop for Partners of Individuals with Focusing Challenges/ADHD

Relationships where one partner has ADHD can be deeply challenging. At Springboard Clinic we understand the unique joys and difficulties of being partners with someone with an ADHD-style brain. Join us for a supportive evening of discussion to learn about how ADHD symptoms can affect both individuals within a relationship, identify typical relational patterns, and explore effective communication strategies with the goal of decreasing conflict and strengthening connection in your relationship. The workshop offers a space to express and be heard with other individuals who are partners with someone with ADHD, psychoeducation on ADHD and relationships, and an opportunity to consider your own relationship through a new lens.

DATE & TIME: October 16th, 2018 6:30pm – 8:30pm

VENUE: Springboard Clinic, 1055 Yonge Street, Suite 304

FACILITATORS: Patricia Thompson, CPCC, and Emily Kedar, M.Ed, from Springboard Clinic

COST: $100 per person, includes workshop and handouts to take home

A Two Evening Mini-Series with Laura MacNiven

Springboard Online Parent Workshop: A Two Evening Mini-Series with Laura MacNiven

Springboard Clinic's Laura MacNiven is hosting a two session online mini-series for parents of ADHD children. In two 60 minute sessions, she will walk you through strategies like "being an ADHD detective, 5 steps to mindful parenting and picking battles before you need to".

Offering an opportunity to take stock of where you are, and think about where you are going, these two sessions are designed to help you find new energy and a clearer headspace to take back to your everyday parenting.

Multiple family members are encouraged to participate, and this content is suitable for parents with children of all ages. Note: Please set aside 60 minutes to do some reflective work in between the two sessions.

DATE & TIME: Session #1: 8 pm EST Nov 15, 2018
Session #2 : 8 pm EST Nov 22, 2018

VENUE: Online through Ontario Telemedicine Network (www.otn.ca)

FACILITATOR: Springboard’s Director, Laura MacNiven, M. Ed

COST: $50 per household, (includes powerpoint, mini-course manual)