We know how impactful ADHD symptoms can be on relationships. Partners of individuals with ADHD often benefit from their own support. We offer individual and couples coaching/therapy for partners, with a focus on the effects of the ADHD symptoms on each individual’s wellbeing, and the relationship, as you work to go through a process of healing.

How it works:

We have a team of clinicians who really get ADHD - how to treat it, how it often manifests for the individual and the potential negative impacts it can have on the ones they love. If you are interested in support for yourself, the first step is to have a one hour intake meeting with one of our psychologists. This is an opportunity to share your experience, assess whether Springboard is a good fit, identify treatment goals, and for us to recommend a team member to work with you.

What to expect:

You may find you work with your coach/therapist to become more aware of how your partner’s ADHD has impacted you in a neutral and individualized space. We know your situation is unique and we will work collaboratively to create a support plan for you. Some of the issues that coaching can address for the partner include avoiding the “parent-child” relationship trap, developing strategies for self-care, finding space for joy, and building household structure that is respectful and effective.

All coaching sessions are considered psychological services and are billed out at $203 an hour.