ADHD/Mental Health Assessment

Springboard’s ADHD/mental health assessment is an initial half day commitment at our clinic in downtown Toronto. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and compassionate vibe. During your time on this first day, you will meet with 3 ADHD specialists on our team: a coach/therapist, pediatrician/psychiatrist and clinical psychologist/psychological associate. We will work alongside you to complete a full medical/psychological assessment of attention and mental status/wellbeing.

What will we talk about?

During your interviews with our team, we will ask you about your strengths, passions and interests. We believe that getting to know who you are (including your hopes and disappointments) is essential to finding answers about your clinical profile and overall wellbeing. We want to get to know you beyond your presenting frustrations and challenges.

Throughout these conversations, we will explore your experience with attention symptoms including examples from your past and present day-to-day life. We want to understand how your brain works, so that we can help provide answers and a collaborative treatment plan.

In this appointment, we will:

  • Use medical and psychological tools to assess ADHD symptoms and executive functioning difficulties
  • Accept your completed self/parent/observer/teacher-rated questionnaires
  • Review prior evaluations and educational reports
  • Complete a full medical history
  • Screen for other social-emotional issues/mental health symptoms

Of note, because the assessment involves meeting with a specialist physician (psychiatrist or pediatrician) we require a referral from your family doctor in order to schedule an assessment.

What happens after the first appointment?

After you have completed these conversations and evaluations with our team, you get to have a break (talking about mental health symptoms can be tiring!) and go home. You may have unanswered questions and feelings after sharing in this dialogue. We encourage you to put together any personal thoughts you would like to explore in your next appointment with our clinical psychologist/psychological associate.

On our end, we will use our diverse perspectives to collaborate and put together a full-scale report for your review. We will spend time talking to each other and think creatively about you and your next steps.

What happens during the second (feedback) appointment?

In approximately 3-4 weeks, you will return to the clinic for a feedback appointment with our clinical psychologist/psychological associate. During this meeting we will present our findings and have a conversation about treatment recommendations. Our customized medical-psychological report will be shared with you in detail, including recommended accommodations, medical considerations and coaching/therapy options.

We want the report to be both useful and true to how you feel about your mental health and wellbeing.

After this appointment, if you are interested in working with our medical or coaching/therapy team, we can discuss bookings and next steps.


Child (6-12 years) / Student (13-17 years): $2,460
Adult (18+ years): $2,050