Psychoeducational Assessment

Includes our full ADHD/Mental Health Assessment, in addition to measures of cognitive ability, achievement potential, executive functioning, memory, phonological processing, and visual/motor abilities. $3,600 (includes ADHD/Mental Health Assessment fee).

The Psychoeducational Assessment includes three separate appointments of 3-hour testing blocks and takes approximately 4-6 weeks for a completed report. The report will be synthesized with the ADHD/Mental Health Assessment in order to present the patient’s full health and learning profile with treatment/accommodation recommendations.

When to Consider a Psychoeducational Assessment

There are several reasons why a psychoeducational assessment might be considered:

  1. Specific concerns related to a targeted area of learning were identified within the ADHD assessment.
  2. Perceived high intelligence is allowing the patient to cope in many areas of life, but he/she may be academically underperforming in relation to their abilities.
  3. Even with improved focus through ADHD treatment, the patient still has concerns related to meeting his/her potential in learning environments (for example: reading skills are developing slowly).
  4. The patient requires specific psychoeducational testing to qualify for accommodations in a particular academic environment (for example: writing the LSAT).