A Springboard Clinic assessment is the first step in understanding your individual mental health needs and establishing the best course of action to begin your treatment journey. We offer assessments for a range of behavioural, cognitive, and educational needs. When an individual has already been assessed by another mental health practitioner, your process begins with our 2 hour Treatment Intake appointment. Please check out our treatment services video.

All Springboard Clinic services are eligible for insurance coverage under Psychological services, and some are covered under Occupational Therapy. For Ontario post-secondary students, OSAP offers bursaries to eligible students. Appointments with our medical doctors are fully covered by OHIP and are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

ADHD/Mental Health Assessment

During your 2-part appointment, you will participate in a medical and psychological assessment of attention and mental status/wellbeing through a positive and holistic lens. The Assessment includes review of prior evaluations, of educational reports, and of your full medical history; comorbidity/socio-emotional screening; self/ parent/observer /teacher-rated questionnaires; and recommendations for academic/occupational accommodations. Please watch our assessment video for a full description.

  • Prior to your Assessment, you will receive questionnaires to be completed before your initial appointment.
  • Your initial appointment will take 3-3.5 hours, during which time you will meet with a medical doctor, a psychologist, and an ADHD coach.
  • During your second appointment, you will receive the results of the Assessment and a copy of the Assessment report, including recommendations for next steps.

Child (6-15 years) / Student (16+ years): $2,323
Adult: $1,919

Online Assessments

We offer our ADHD/Mental Health Assessment online for adults within the province of Ontario who live outside of the GTA and/or are unable to travel to our clinic.

  • The process and cost are the same as the assessment explained above and is offered through Ontario Telehealth Network.
  • Please note, we are not able to offer ongoing medical care over video. Our psychiatry team will share a detailed note with your community physician.
  • We do offer ongoing psychological support using a video conferencing software for clients who are interested and would benefit.

Psychoeducational Assessment

Includes our full ADHD/Mental Health Assessment, in addition to measures of cognitive ability, achievement potential, executive functioning, memory, phonological processing, and visual/motor abilities. $3,600 (includes ADHD/Mental Health Assessment fee).

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Gifted Testing

When giftedness and ADHD occur together, both the gifts and the ADHD can at times be masked. This partial psychoeducational assessment can play a crucial role in academic planning, as well as understanding an individual’s full learning potential. $900

Preschool Assessments

A focus on providing early intervention, school planning and parent support, rather than a diagnosis or label for children between the ages of 2 1⁄2 years to 6 years old. $3,600

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