ADHD Holidays: May the peace be with you this year

HolidayJoy pexels photo 1263891As you move into this holiday season, you may be experiencing mixed feelings. Perhaps, you are feeling anxious about how to manage all the logistics related to this season. Or, maybe you struggle with “being present” and somehow you really want to figure out how to slow down this year. Finding “peace” can be challenging for all of us.


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Hey Partners! We know living with ADHD is hard: 3 tips that are in your control

partners pexels photo 1021145Having empathy for ADHD symptoms in your partner can be much “easier said than done”. Certainly, in concept, you can understand that your husband is late because he has lost track of time, but it can still “drive you crazy’ when it happens.

If you know that resentment is building in you, the sooner you can get to the “root” of these issues and put them on the table, the better.


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But, will telling the truth about my “dark” feelings really set me free?

pexels photo 285173It can be hard to admit to yourself and those around you when you are feeling down. In our experience, people tend to wait in silence as long as they possibly can. The problem is the longer you hold these thoughts to yourself, the bigger they get.

We believe that it is in “walking through” the darkness that you can find your light.

Check out our “top 5 reasons” people don’t speak up about their mental health issues:


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