Tools to help manage ADHD: Pedal Desks

Does your child have ADHD? Check out the article Every School Should have Pedal Desks for Kids with ADHD posted on the Huffington Post Canada website. It talks about a pilot project in Brampton, where bicycle desks replaced traditional desks. They also introduced ideas like "regular yoga and dance breaks."

The pedal desk is an interesting idea, but we love the idea of non-traditional options at school that encourage movement! Exercise and movement is something we're seeing more and more as beneficial for children (and adults!) with ADHD.

ADHD Students: Preparing your Teen for College

Are you a parent of an ADHD student preparing to go to college or university? If so, you might be wondering about how to help them prepare for the transition. You might also worry about them going off on their own. Your teen likely has a lot of support both at home and at school right now, which will be a big change once they go away.

So, what can you do as a parent to prepare your teen for college?

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