Overcoming Objections to Self-Compassion

What is self-compassion, and why is it something to strive for in our lives? In the video below, Kristin Neff, an Associate Professor at the University of Texas, talks about self-compassion, and what it is and isn't.

Self-compassion is about looking at yourself non-judgmentally and accepting yourself as-is. On the opposite end, we often think we need to be self-critical to motivate ourselves. We believe we should work to self-improve at all times to change into the person that we want to be. In reality, it is through self-compassion and self-acceptance that we get the clarity to make healthy changes in our lives. Check it out!

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Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator

Do you tend to procrastinate? If so, check out Tim Urban's video: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator.

In this video, Tim introduces several key characters. For one, you have the non-procrastinator side of our brains: The "Rational Decision-Maker." Then, you have the "Instant Gratification Monkey" who lives entirely in the present moment and only cares about what's easy and fun. Finally we have the "Panic Monster" - the only thing that terrifies the monkey.

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ADHD is my superpower

ADHD is my superpowerIf you have ADHD and don't feel great about it, the article 'ADHD isn't my disorder, it's more like my superpower' is a great read.

It tells the story of Loyle Carner, a professional artist/performer from the UK. Diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Loyle saw this as a completely negative thing at first. He didn't understand what ADHD was or what a diagnosis meant for him. He also didn't know any adults who had ADHD and had no idea what having ADHD meant for his future.

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Decision-making tips for ADHD

decisionsMany ADHD adults have difficulty making decisions. It can be something small, like deciding what you're going to order for dinner. Or it could be bigger, like whether to pursue a new job opportunity.

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