5 Mac apps that focus on managing procrastination

Since posting a blog entry introducing you to Evernote, many of our clients have come forward with an unbelievable number of ADHD-friendly apps that focus on managing procrastination – most of which are for Macs. Sorry PC, as of now it looks like you’re not quite up to speed – if those commercials taught us anything, you’re kind of like Mac’s nerdy older brother...

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Difficult Behaviours in ADHD Children: 3 essential questions to ask yourself when they happen


If you have or work with ADHD children, you know that difficult behaviours can sometimes be par for the course.

About a month ago on the blog post Outbursts and Meltdowns: ADHD children do well if they can, we introduced you to child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene, and his argument that children with behavioral or learning struggles are often “lacking skills, not motivation...”

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Learning to say NO: 6 tips to help curb over-commitment

image Despite being aware of the consequences of over-commitment, ADHD adults tend to have a difficult time saying no to others. In the moment, it can be all too easy to let the word ‘yes’ slip out.

We all know to ‘just say no’ to drugs. That’s an easy one. Most of us also know to ‘just say no’ to acid wash jeans and denim cut-off shorts for men. So why is it so hard, then, to wrap our heads around the idea that it’s also okay to ‘just say no’ to seemingly innocent requests that eat up your time and resources?...

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Adult ADHD: An Underrepresented Diagnosis

Below is a link to a really interesting article published recently in the Globe and Mail about how adult ADHD has not received nearly the same level of recognition as ADHD in children.

To pique your interest, here are a couple of statistics included in the article that really spoke to us:

“A 2006 U.S. study found that only about 10 per cent of adults with ADHD receive appropriate treatment"...

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