Should you disclose your ADHD diagnosis at work?

When you have an ADHD diagnosis, many of the challenges that come up in the workplace can be managed with appropriate coping skills. Sometimes though, it might be necessary to take an extra step and request accommodations from your employer. Potential accommodations might include audio recorders for meetings, whiteboards for checklists, pre-deadlines with your supervisor, or moving to a low traffic cubicle...

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Is ADHD medication safe for adults?

Promising news for ADHD adults: Last month we posted a blog about a study that reported that ADHD medication for children did not raise the risk of serious heart problems. Now, a separate group of scientists in the United States, commissioned by the government, have found similar results in ADHD adults...

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Is ADHD medication safe for children?

In a large-scale study, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently reported that medication for the treatment of ADHD children did not raise the risk of serious heart problems.

You may or may not remember this, but a few years ago – 2006 to be exact – ADHD medication was the subject of quite a bit of controversy and concern...

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ADHD-Friendly Habit Building

If you’re like many other individuals with an ADHD diagnosis, you’ve likely had difficulty developing habits – whether it is a consistent study schedule, or even remembering to put your keys somewhere you’ll always find them. The fact is, although habit-building is a powerful way to introduce structure into your life,...

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Think Different. A lesson in harnessing our strengths

If you tend to “think different” – such as with many individuals with ADHD – you’ll appreciate the article below about Steve Jobs, who, as most of you know, passed away earlier this month.

Steve Jobs was the perfect example of someone who successfully harnessed their unique strengths and used them to his advantage...

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