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ADHD Students: Tips for Staying Focused in Lectures


Staying focused in lectures can be particularly difficult as an ADHD student. On top of that, there are so many complicating factors that could impact your focus (or lack thereof) in class: distractions, your professor’s teaching style, your note-taking style, how much sleep you got last night, and so much more…

In order to stay focused in lectures, it’s important to plan ahead – it’s not just about showing up and hoping for the best...

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Springboard Clinic Series on ADHD and New Years Resolutions

ADHD and New Years Resolutions – oil and water. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but if you have an ADHD diagnosis, it might feel like this comparison is pretty accurate!

This is the time of year when people emerge from the blur of the holidays, and start thinking: Now is time to make a big change. What better time to start something new than at the beginning of a new year?

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Stressed? Try these 3 quick and easy relaxation strategies

imageHey there – are you stressed right now?

If you need a bit of reprieve, here are 3 quick and easy relaxation strategies for you to try right nowThese strategies will help you manage stress in the moment, and the more you practice them, they may even help you prevent stress (or at least minimize its impact on your sanity!)...

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6 Signs ADHD might be Impacting your Relationship


If you’re having problems in your marriage or relationship (and you’re reading this specific blog), you might be wondering if some of the issues you’ve been having are related to ADHD. Whether you’re the one with an ADHD diagnosis, your partner has one, or both of you do, there are definitely telltale signs to look out for that you should be aware of...

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