ADHD Webinars for you to Check out this Month!

ADDitude Magazine – an online and print magazine dedicated to “living well with attention deficit and learning disabilities” – is a great resource for learning about ADHD across the lifespan. In particular, one resource that we highly recommend checking out is their archive of “ADHD Awareness Webinars.”

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ADHD and Sleep: 5 Tips to Help Improve your Sleep Hygiene


Individuals with ADHD often report having chronic difficulty falling asleep. On top of that, many individuals with ADHD have poor sleep hygiene, which are basically the habits you follow before bed that either help or hinder falling asleep.

Have you ever heard the term before? It sounds sort of odd, but don’t let it put you off – sleep hygiene can make a world of a difference for someone with ADHD...

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Does your ADHD Child have Difficulty Making and Keeping Friends?

One concern that we often hear from parents when it comes to their ADHD child is the fact that they seem to have difficulty making and keeping friends.

This is not uncommon – for a number of potential reasons, children with ADHD often experience difficulties in their relationships with peers. As a parent this can be heartbreaking to witness, particularly because it often feels out of your control to help...

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