The importance of treating ADHD in adulthood

ADHD is not just a childhood issue, but a long-term condition.

Although those impacted directly by ADHD as an adult know that the disorder can affect individuals across the lifespan, there are many people who continue to believe that you can outgrow it. Because of this, it was refreshing to see a recent article in The Globe and Mail detailing the findings of a study that sought evidence against this common belief...

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CADDAC: Raising ADHD Awareness


As many individuals with ADHD can attest to, one of the biggest struggles of having an ADHD diagnosis is the fight against people who insist it does not exist. Every day we hear stories of doctors, teachers, parents, and spouses, who, despite the very real symptoms that our patients face, refuse to believe that ADHD is a real disorder...

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ADHD Webinars for you to Check out this Month!

ADDitude Magazine – an online and print magazine dedicated to “living well with attention deficit and learning disabilities” – is a great resource for learning about ADHD across the lifespan. In particular, one resource that we highly recommend checking out is their archive of “ADHD Awareness Webinars.”

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