Back to School Systems: ADHD style

pexels photo 934062It can be tempting as you start a new school year to think that the answer to ADHD organizational challenges is an expensive “back to school” shop. You may feel like by buying stuff, you will be able to compensate for your challenges with prioritizing, managing tasks, and staying on track.

Before heading to the store, or coming up with an elaborate new plan for how to stay on track this year, check out our top tips for organization this September. 

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ADHD Morning routine 101

healthy fruits morning kitchenDo you have a morning routine? If you have ADHD and you have never asked yourself this question, you probably don’t have one! You might not even realize that people have “those”. You might be shaking in your boots at the thought of such a rigid regime! Before running for the hills, and telling yourself “you don’t need one!”, read through our top tips for setting your day up for success. You might just find these tips will change your life.

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Book Recommendation - Fall Down 7 Times, Get up 8

blur blurred book 46274 SmallNaoki Higashida breaks barriers of silence by sharing his beautiful and layered voice with the world. Diagnosed with severe nonverbal autism, he has learned to “type out” sentences with an alphabet grit and a QWERTY keyboard. He has been tireless in his resolution to share his story. He has given words that resonate with so many, especially those who are impacted by autism.

What is so profound about this book is Naoki’s ability to take you into his world. He encourages us to avoid setting limitations for individuals with mental health diagnoses.


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