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Book Review: ‘Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults’

In part two of our fall book review, we are introducing a book called ‘Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults,’ by Lynn Weiss PhD, a leading expert in ADHD. While admittedly not the the most interesting title in the world, this book stands out to us because of the encouraging, alternate view of ADHD it emphasizes – a perspective Lynn Weiss has advocated for years. Lynn begins the book with a list of twenty-nine positive attributes of ADHD and, having been diagnosed herself, her personal story of struggle...

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Book Review: ‘Spark The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain’

Now that September is here, we here at Springboard Clinic have caught the back-to-school vibe – everything is quickly getting back on schedule, we’re reorganizing our offices, and most importantly, we’ve been catching up on our reading. With all the new books out there, it got us thinking: we’ve all read so many great ADHD books over the years, why not do some book reviews for you?...

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5 Mac apps that focus on managing procrastination

Since posting a blog entry introducing you to Evernote, many of our clients have come forward with an unbelievable number of ADHD-friendly apps that focus on managing procrastination – most of which are for Macs. Sorry PC, as of now it looks like you’re not quite up to speed – if those commercials taught us anything, you’re kind of like Mac’s nerdy older brother...

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Tools to help manage ADHD symptoms: Evernote

image When it comes to programs that help manage ADHD symptoms such as forgetfulness and disorganization, Evernote is a step above the rest. 

In a nutshell, Evernote is marketed as a digital extension of your brain – it stores everything you might need to remember via your computer or phone, and puts all of it into one easily accesible place...

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Tools to help manage ADHD symptoms: Fidget toys

ADHD children and adults alike fidget for a reason. Movement – such as through fidgeting – essentially helps your brain focus a little bit better by stimulating the pre-frontal cortex.

Remember those students who used to get in trouble for doodling or chewing on their pen in class (or perhaps that was you?) – some of them may have actually been using this “movement” as a way to help them better focus...

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