I think we all need a pep talk

For any of us out there who have had a tough week and could use a healthy dose of encouragement, we highly recommend checking out this video:

Actually scratch that, everybody should watch this video – tough week or not. This kid is the best. Trust us!...

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Tools to help manage ADHD symptoms: The little black book


The simple act of writing something down can do wonders to help you manage ADHD symptoms such as forgetfulness and disorganization. Forget using your smartphone for everything, a little black book is an amazing tool to help you better remember and keep track of your to-dos. Sure, many of us have moved on to using technology to manage pretty...

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ADHD Webinars for you to Check out this Month!

ADDitude Magazine – an online and print magazine dedicated to “living well with attention deficit and learning disabilities” – is a great resource for learning about ADHD across the lifespan. In particular, one resource that we highly recommend checking out is their archive of “ADHD Awareness Webinars.”

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