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Sky Zone Toronto's new Sensory Night

Sky Zone TorontoSky Zone Toronto, part of a chain of indoor trampoline parks, has recently started holding a monthly "Sensory Night" for children and adults with autism, ADHD, and other sensory challenges!

Every last Monday of the month, Sky Zone will turn the music off and "dial down the distractions" for those with special sensory needs. According to an article describing this event at a Winnipeg location, the initiative was set up in response to research showing how soothing activities like trampoline jumping can be for children with sensory challenges. This is a great way to help those with sensory needs reap the benefits of trampolining without the environment overwhelming them!

Suicide Awareness: One man's story of survival

Earlier in the month, we found a video about a man who jumped off the Golden Gate bridge and survived to tell the story. Only 1% of people who have jumped off that bridge have survived, and he's one of them. This is a story that made us stop. It made us cry. It reinforced our passion with working in mental health. Most of all, it highlighted how important it is to spread suicide prevention awareness.

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Tools to help manage ADHD: Subtle Fidgets for Adults

Fidget Toys for ADHD adultsFidget toys for ADHD can be beneficial in working with feelings of restlessness and using them more productively rather than fighting against them. The problem is, many of the fidget toys out there are marketed toward children - they're bright, shiny, obvious...not always appropriate for the adult world. Knowing that fidgeting and movement may actually help manage your focus, how can you, an ADHD adult, take advantage of this in a more controlled and subtle way?

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How Inside Out Teaches us about Emotions

Pixar's movie Inside Out has been massively successful since opening at the start of the summer, but what some people might not realize is how educational it is. Inside Out on its own is a well-done, entertaining movie, but it actually does a great job in helping children better understand their emotions, and in helping them wrap their heads around somewhat complex concepts related to emotions.

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