Tools to help manage ADHD: Bullet Journals

Bullet journals have been popping up all over the Internet lately. You might recognize them as pretty, fancy, and somewhat unattainable-looking journals. You might have dismissed bullet journals as a trend for the Pintrest folks who are supernaturally organized. But, we're thinking that bullet journals actually have the potential to be very helpful for somebody with ADHD.

journalFirst of all, what are bullet journals?

Bullet journals are basically customizable organizational systems. You start with a blank journal, and create to-do lists, calendars, a system for tracking routines - anything you feel like you need to organize your life. The idea is that you pick what sections and ideas you like, and then create your own journal based on what might work for you.

Why are bullet journals so helpful for someone with ADHD?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. In general, keeping a written record of things (like an agenda) is an important strategy to help manage ADHD. It's important to have something concrete to help keep up with your day-to-day, and to keep your priorities top of mind. 

  2.  With bullet journals, you can create your own structure. This can be a creative challenge in itself, which can be engaging for an ADHD brain. This is also ADHD friendly because you can actually figure out what works for you vs. trying to conform to the structure of something like an agenda. 

  3.  Because a bullet journal is customizable, week to week you can change up your design. Getting bored with your current system? Change it up for the following week. This is an approach that helps keep you engaged and more likely to keep up with the journal.

A word of warning:

Yes, you do have to plan what you want to include in the journal - it does involve some initial organizational work. But, don't let that stop you from considering this idea. Keep in mind that if a design doesn't work that's okay - you're not committed to it. A bullet journal actually lets you try things out and experiment with different layouts. You don't need to land on the perfect system from the start (or ever!)

Interested in giving a bullet journal a shot? Here are two links to get you started:

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