Negative Communication Patterns in ADHD Relationships

Negative communication with ADHDWhen a relationship is impacted by ADHD (in one or both partners), there are many negative communication patterns that can develop over time. One such pattern is "symptom-response-response," a term coined by Melissa Orlov, a leading expert on ADHD and relationships. Essentially, what happens is as follows:

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Maintaining and Attending to Relationships with ADHD

maintaining relationships with ADHDIndividuals with ADHD often have difficulty focusing their attention consistently on relationships. Symptoms like distractibility, or difficulties with working memory, tend to get in the way of many things - maintaining friendships and keeping in touch with others, attending to the needs of a partner, or even just making sure date night happens more than once in a blue moon.

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Is it you, me, or us? When your relationship is struggling...

ADHD and relationshipsJust over a year ago we posted Springboard Clinic in the Media, which linked to two articles written by our Director of Coaching/Health Education.

One of those articles, Is it you, me, or us? talks about ADHD and relationships, and the important questions we need to ask ourselves if and when our partnership is struggling. Yes, we're repeating ourselves by re-linking to the article, but it's such an important topic that it deserves the repeat. Check it out!

ADHD and Relationships: The Dos and Don’t of Communicating with your ADHD Partner

communicating with your non-ADHD partner

If you’re reading this and you’re the “non-ADHD” partner in a relationship impacted by ADHD, you might be familiar with a feeling we like to call “frustration.” Yes, ADHD is totally manageable and there are some amazing strengths that come with it, but the fact is, sometimes ADHD symptoms are not appropriately managed. Or, maybe they’re being “managed,” but in a way that isn’t really in line with your own expectations...

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5 Tips to help you Concentrate during Conversations

concentrating during conversationsIndividuals with ADHD often have difficulty concentrating during conversations, largely due to inconsistencies in their ability to filter out both internal and external distractions. The consequence of this is that it can lead to (unintentionally) tuning people out, or interrupting and jumping-in at inappropriate times, leading to that cringe-worthy moment where you sit back and wonder “why did I just do that?!”...

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Melissa Orlov: 9 Tips for Frustrated Non-ADHD Spouses

imageBeing in a relationship with somebody with an ADHD diagnosis can come with many benefits – your partner may be funny, charming, empathetic…but there are times when it can be tough, particularly if your partner’s symptoms are not adequately managed. As Melissa Orlov, a leading expert on relationships and ADHD, puts it: “some days you just don’t have the energy to cope with your partner’s ADHD symptoms anymore.”

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