When non-ADHD partners overcompensate for ADHD in their relationship

If you're the non-ADHD partner in a relationship, you might be working hard to "compensate" for your ADHD partner, which is leaving you frustrated and resentful. 

On Melissa Orlov's blog ADHD and Marriage, she posted an article called: You Can't Change Your Relationship On Your Own. This is an important read for you.

As Melissa writes: "If you are a non-ADHD partner who has unsuccessfully labored under the idea that if you just work hard enough, you can ‘make’ the relationship change, take a breather for a moment. Rather than work alone, make a plan for how to gently and non-aggressively approach your partner to request assistance. This can take some lengthy lobbying, but your best bet for progress is when both of you are involved."

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