For couples who are struggling: 4 things to consider

If you're struggling in your relationship, you're not alone. And, if ADHD and/or mental health is playing a role in this struggle, you're definitely not alone.

For those couples out there who are struggling, consideration number 1: get some support. Working on your relationship takes time, but getting professional help can make a big difference in this.

ADHD and relationshipsAt Springboard, we work with many couples affected by ADHD and mental health. These couples are trying hard to make it. They come in, dig deep, push through pain, and work to figure out how symptoms have shaped their relationship. We know, and they know, it isn't an easy process. But they don't want to give up. We don't want them to give up either, because we've seen many couples successfully come out the other side. They've been able to persevere, come back together, and find a place of peace.

With that in mind, here are three more important things to consider:

  1. It was never meant to be easy. It's important to realize that a partnership does take a lot of work. Even the best relationships need time and effort. Relationships need each person to put their heart into it on daily basis. Every day is a new one and your relationship can’t be the priority that falls to the bottom of the list. The key is to work at it- like you do with everything else.

  2. You’re both changing, growing, and evolving. It’s no secret that we change over the years. You’re not the same person as you were when you first met your partner, and neither are they. Sometimes partners get stuck in patterns based on who they used to be together, but to move forward this needs to be re-examined. This means you have to get to know each other a little bit better, and be open to evolving together in a new way.

  3. You can always start a new chapter. Every single day you have a chance to make a change and start fresh. Isn't that the coolest thing about being human? We're not saying it's easy, but as first step it can help to focus on a starting a new way of thinking. So, think about today- and then about where you want to go. What could your next chapter look like?

Looking for support for you or your relationship? Check out our information about individual and couples/relationship coaching

Are you the non-ADHD partner in your relationship looking for support? Check out information about our upcoming workshop: Finding Joy in your ADHD relationship.



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