Check IN before you lash OUT: 5 essential steps to changing your relationship dynamic

I sat in a small rural church in Ontario about 5 years ago listening to a minister marry two of my closest friends. I had only been married myself a couple of years then, and I too was asking questions about what long term partnership is all about. She shared some advice that day that has always stuck with me. As I remember it, she looked out at our young crew and said: “A successful marriage takes two people who are both giving 80%. That it is not about each of you giving 50%. It is about both of you giving your all, all the time”

In marriage (especially when ADHD is in the picture), it can be downright exhausting to give your all, all the time. You feel like you are already giving endlessly. And you’re overwhelmed. Often, you look over to your partner and inevitably end up saying, “So what have you done for me, lately?”

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For couples who are struggling: 4 things to consider

ADHD and relationshipsIf you're struggling in your relationship, you're not alone. And, if ADHD and/or mental health is playing a role in this struggle, you're definitely not alone.

For those couples out there who are struggling, consideration number 1: get some support. Working on your relationship takes time, but getting professional help can make a big difference in this.

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