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Online Assessments are here!

We have some exciting news to share about our assessments. We are thrilled to now offer our adult ADHD/mental health assessment online for residents of Ontario! If you live outside Toronto and prefer not to travel to our clinic, our online assessments are a great option for you.

Since we opened in 2009, we have had many requests from adults who would like to access our support, but who are unable to travel to our clinic location in Toronto. We get it. Travel logistics can be challenging and can add costs. We want to make the assessment process as easy and as comfortable as possible. We recognize that when you decide you are ready to get help, you want to get it now, and you want it to be simple to access.

We have consciously worked to create an online assessment process that delivers the Springboard Clinic experience remotely. You will connect with our specialist team, have the opportunity to ask your questions, and explore your wants/needs. Our online assessments are being offered in partnership with Ontario Telemedicine Network. So, your preliminary assessment will be at one of the Telemedicine Network locations near you. This will help ensure a safe and reliable video conferencing experience. Your privacy is important to us, and our online assessments will be treated with the same commitment to confidentiality that we have always offered within the clinic.

We’re very excited to be able to expand our client community and we look forward to supporting adults across Ontario with their ADHD journey.

Watch this video to learn more about our online assessments: 


"Over the last few years I’ve had issues building up that eventually lead to a nearly complete inability to work. I now know those issues were caused by my ADHD, though I did not at the time. After treatment at Springboard, both medical and therapeutic, it feels like I recovered a piece of myself that I did not know I had lost, but could feel the absence of. Every aspect of my life has been improved; I sleep better, I can work again, I can think more clearly and hold more concepts in my mind simultaneously, I’m less stressed, I even notice things I couldn’t before. It was a life changing event that I will always remember." 
- Adult client of Springboard Clinic

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