Springboard Clinic's Story

springboard clinic's story

By Laura MacNiven

For me, Springboard's story started when I was sitting on a Via Rail train chatting with my mother, who was living in London, Ontario at the time. I was travelling to Toronto, and planning to head back to where I was living, in Vancouver.. We had been scheming for some time about the possibility of opening a clinic together, where medical and educational supports could be under one roof. But, it was during this specific conversation that I realized, “We are actually going to do this.”

The plan was that she would move from London, and I from Vancouver, and we would set up a mother and daughter-led mental health clinic in downtown Toronto. As I write that down, it sounds as crazy now as it felt then. Neither of us had a business degree, we had only personal financing, and we had no experience whatsoever being entrepreneurs. We were both just crazy enough to move cities, take on new career goals, and to work together in an intimate family business.

We certainly heard a lot of,

“…are you sure you should work with your mom/daughter?”

“Don’t you think it makes more sense to work for another clinic?”

“Are you sure you can afford space in downtown Toronto?”

All fair questions. And to be honest, we didn’t have clear answers to any of them. We were jumping into new, uncharted territory and neither of us had ever done anything like it before in our lives.

Either way, we were sure about a couple of things:

  • We knew we wanted to help people with attention issues of all different ages.

  • We knew that there wasn’t a clinic in existence like the one we envisioned.

  • We knew that we wanted to be a place of hope and help, built with a methodology of empowerment, and with a passionate and compassionate team.

We also knew that we were stubborn enough to make it work.

Springboard Clinic opened its doors in November 2009, and we have never looked back. Our team is a big family. We have cultivated a therapeutic and honest space, where clients have an opportunity to explore how their mental health symptoms impact them, and be the leaders in the treatment that will help them get to where they want to go.

Our community inspires us and builds us up. Our clinicians bring their unique talents, connect with the Springboard approach, and are nurtured in our vibe of hope. We don’t have red tape. We continue to evolve. We believe in neuro-plasticity. We witness the most amazing personal growth stories. And, we certainly could never have predicted how important Springboard Clinic would become to us all.

I can’t remember our exact words as we chatted that day on the train. But, I can remember the feeling. That excitement in the belly. Those minutes when the reality of this leap began to crystalize. And just like that, we have been open eight years. Sometimes I can’t believe we actually did it, and I definitely can’t imagine my life today without Springboard Clinic.

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Laura MacNiven is a Founder and Director at Springboard Clinic in Toronto, an ADHD assessment and treatment resource

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