Working with a boss with ADHD

Do you have a boss with ADHD that you're having trouble working with? Open about their diagnosis or not, if your boss' symptoms are impacting your work, it's not ideal. For some ideas to rethink your approach, check out this article posted on Office Ninjas called 7 tips for working with your A.D.D. Boss. The article has some solid tips for communication that work well for an ADHD-style brain. One warning: The last tip is a risky move that we don't recommend unless you know FOR SURE your boss is okay with it.

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ADHD at Work: 10 ways to use your calendar strategically

calendarTime management is a common challenge with ADHD. For this reason, many individuals with ADHD rely on calendars to stay organized. But some people view calendars as a tool that they 'shouldn't have' to rely on. Whatever your opinion, calendars can be an important tool in the workplace as well as at home to help keep you on top of things.

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My child has ADHD - should I tell their teacher?

teacher and ADHD studentIf your child has ADHD, the question of what - if anything - to tell the school is a common one. Should you tell the teacher about the ADHD diagnosis? Is it in your child's best interest for the school to know?

Disclosing an ADHD diagnosis is personal, but our bias is toward telling the school. Here's why we think it's important for the teacher to know about your child's ADHD:

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ADHD Students: Programs to help the Transition from High School to College

university transition programs

If you're a student about to start college or university and have ADHD, it's important to think now about the transition. Yes, it's summer, but there are so many things to consider! And, many schools in Ontario actually have programs designed to help you with this. 

Many schools are realizing how much support students need to adjust to the big change from high school to college. For example, after high school, it's up to you to navigate the system and get your own accommodations set up. But how are you supposed to know where to start?

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7 tips for working from home with ADHD

Working from home with ADHDWorking from home is a great option for many people with ADHD. You can be more flexible with your time and there are fewer workplace distractions. But this can also open up a new set of challenges. With ADHD, self-directed work can be a struggle, so working from home isn't quite as easy as you'd think! Here are some common challenges when working from home with ADHD, and 7 tips to help manage these challenges:

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