Common Academic Accommodations for ADHD Students

When a student is given an ADHD diagnosis, a typical next step is to look at academic accommodations.

As a student, the idea of accommodations is to help you level the playing field – it’s about setting up support to help manage areas of difficulty, so you can actually show what you know! In other words, accommodations are designed to help you better achieve your academic potential...

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How to stay focused during meetings: Take a walk!

If you tend to have difficulty staying focused during meetings – as is common when ADHD is in the picture – Nilofer Merchant has an idea for you. In a short and sweet TED Talk, the author, corporate director, and speaker, discusses the merits of turning one-on-one meetings into “walking meetings.”

Walking not only helps stimulate your focus, but has the dual benefit of improving your health, as well as generating new ideas and perspectives...

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Finding the right job when you have ADHD

There are so many possible jobs, skill-sets, and careers to consider, and when you add ADHD into the mix, it can seem daunting to even think about diving into it. Do you sometimes feel like finding the right job – one that actually suits your strengths – is a Herculean task?

Don’t get discouraged: we work with very successful ADHD people on a daily basis and it seems they’ve all discovered the same secret…

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Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety


Test anxiety is a big deal – it can play a huge role in thinking ability and performance. It can cause somebody to ‘blank out’ on tests, and can lead to racing thoughts that are difficult to control. It is also incredibly common for individuals who have ADHD. Yes, all students experience stress and anxiety when it comes to tests, but ADHD often adds another layer where there is a much higher risk of becoming overwhelmed by it...

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In case you missed it: Our guide to student life and ADHD

If you’re a student in college or university, or are thinking about going away for school, you may be interested in checking out Springboard Clinic’s Guide to Student Life and ADHD. This is an online publication that we put together for you, the student, and so far it has been getting rave reviews from the masses (read: our other team members LOVE it).

Not a student? No problem – a lot of the information in our guide can be useful to anyone with ADHD. Still not interested? Pass it on to the students in your life who may need a good read!

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