Repost: ADHD Students - Do this now and "September you" will thank you

Are you a student? Are you done school for the summer? If so, there are a few important things for you to think about before going into 'summer mode.'

Yes you want to forget school and move on. You want to start your summer job, or start the important task of relaxing and NOT thinking about school. BUT, while it's fresh in your mind, this is THE BEST time to think back on the year and make plans for September.

With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • ADHD studentsWhat went well this year? What am I proud of? What strategies or approaches did I use that were helpful?

  • What didn't go well? If I could go back in time, what might I have done a different way? What strategies or approaches did I try that were not helpful at all?

  • What strategies, approaches, or ideas do I want to try next year that COULD be helpful?

  • When I start school, what do I need to do to set myself up before things get busy? What do I wish I had done earlier in the year this year? For some examples check out the article Lessons Learned from ADHD Students

After you've read these questions, take 5 minutes and jot down some thoughts and ideas. You don't have to look at it again until closer to September, but this ensures you have it down NOW, when it's fresh. It's much harder trying to remember this stuff after a long and relaxing summer - trust us. September you will thank you!

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