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Finding the right job when you have ADHD

There are so many possible jobs, skill-sets, and careers to consider, and when you add ADHD into the mix, it can seem daunting to even think about diving into it. Do you sometimes feel like finding the right job – one that actually suits your strengths – is a Herculean task?

Don’t get discouraged: we work with very successful ADHD people on a daily basis and it seems they’ve all discovered the same secret…

Whether you’re job searching for the first time or contemplating a career change, step back and simply consider the tasks that you like doing and that come easily to you. This approach is much less daunting than identifying the exact work environment where your skills can flourish, and it can also open you up to so many more jobs than you previously considered.

For many individuals with ADHD, there’s often a preference for tasks that require “right brain functioning”:

  • Focusing on big picture concepts
  • Looking for new patterns in information and ideas
  • Finding innovative solutions to problems
  • Selling new ideas
  • Developing vision and long-term strategies
  • Participating actively in teams
  • Being intuitive about feelings and ideas
  • Generating enthusiasm

However, some jobs require people to spend long periods of time in “left brain activities”:

  • Working with detailed plans and procedures
  • Following policies and regulations
  • Understanding the fine print
  • Approaching problems practically
  • Working with numbers, statistics, and data
  • Establishing and meeting goals and objectives
  • Formulating a financial analysis and decision
  • Getting things done in tight time frames

This may seem simple but when looking for a job, forget about the job title and instead break down the daily tasks in order to pick a job where you can spend the majority of your time doing things that come more naturally to your brain style. Ask probing questions during the interview to make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Every company needs both left and right brains so take some time to get to know your own style!

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