Surviving back to school with ADHD: 3 tips for parents

For some families with ADHD, back to school time is a blessing. The children are back on a schedule (and out of the home!), and for many parents it feels like a fresh start. For other families, back to school time can be stressful for many reasons we won't get into here.

Whatever your opinion of this time of year, here 3 tips to keep in mind as September approaches:

  1. back to school ADHDDon't make the goals TOO big. It can be easy to get carried away making plans that are too complicated (and so are too difficult to stick to). Stick with one or two key ideas that will help your family, but not put too much pressure on you to make big changes. For example, try putting out clothes the night before. Or, try setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier so you don't feel as rushed.

  2. Communicate with your child's school as early as possible. Set up the lines of communication before any issues come up - even if you think things might be different this year. Your child's teacher has a lot on her plate, so help them out by having a discussion about what works best for your child.

  3. Don't forget about yourself. Family life - particularly with an ADHD child - takes up a lot of time and energy. Don't lose yourself in trying to help out the family - try to set aside small chunks of time for self-care. This could be something as simple as taking a 10 minute walk before the kids are up, or picking up a roasted chicken to give you some time to breath. Whatever you need to stay grounded!

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