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25 Great things about having ADHD: For Parents

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD or attentional difficulties, parents often experience a sense of relief – they now have an answer to the struggles their child has been facing.

That being said, a diagnosis can also lead to feeling quite overwhelmed – it can be easy to get bogged down by all the negative aspects of symptoms and behaviour, and the road ahead of you might appear very long.

Either way, there are quite a few positive aspects of having ADHD that are often overlooked or not given their due respect. Keeping these at the forefront of your mind can be particularly helpful when going on your family’s ADHD journey after diagnosis – the journey doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be enlightening!

Below is a list of positive characteristics of individuals who have attention difficulties. Not all will necessarily apply to your child, but we’re sure you’ll find quite a few that you recognize. With this list, we want you to understand that being diagnosed with ADHD is not a curse – it is a gift that, yes, comes with some difficulties, but none that can’t be addressed.

  1. Have lots of energy
  2. Willing to try things and take risks
  3. Ready to talk, can talk a lot
  4. Get along well with adults
  5. Can do several things at one time
  6. Smart
  7. Need less sleep
  8. Good sense of humour
  9. Very good at taking care of younger kids
  10. Spontaneous
  11. See details that other people miss
  12. Understanding of kids who get in trouble or get teased
  13. Can think of different and new ways   to do things
  14. Volunteer to help others
  15. Happy and enthusiastic
  16. Imaginative – creative
  17. Articulate – can say things well
  18. Sensitive – compassionate
  19. Eager to make new friends
  20. Great memory (for things of interest)
  21. Courageous
  22. More fun to be with than most kids
  23. Charming
  24. Warm and loving
  25. Care a lot about families

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