Spring break: Making the most of your family time with ADHD

Spring Break 2019 FacebookIt’s spring break time again! And after a winter like we’ve had, we hope that you will find some space to play and maybe even enjoy some sun! If you’re heading on vacation, check out these 5 steps to do before you hit the road or hop on the plane.

If instead, you’re sticking around home this holiday, here are our three tips for planning a successful staycation with ADHD!

1. Exercise or fresh air first! 

In order to avoid the “ADHD twilight zone”, start the day with a hit of endorphins. Maybe it’s a family yoga video in the basement, a mission to the park in pyjamas, a dance party in the kitchen. Find something that helps your peeps break out of the morning fog as a group.

2. A holiday calendar on the fridge. 

Spend time talking to your family members and hearing what their vision is for this time off. Put a simple visual calendar up so everyone can keep track of the plan for the week. Cross it off as you go!

3. Quality over quantity.

Remember that family time is often more “quality” if you each find time to have breaks and space. This can mean playdates for your children, a babysitter helping out for a few hours here and there, and even time set aside for you to get time with a friend. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to spend every waking moment together, and schedule time individually to stay on track.

If you’re sticking around for March break, make the time count. Be a tourist in your own city, while still having your children settle in their own beds!








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