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But, how do I parent this the right way?!

How having a mission statement can help you answer that question the right way for your family.

We all know that “actions speak louder than words” and our children are watching almost everything we do everyday. And yet, as parents, nowadays, more than ever, we are spending a lot of time trying to decide how to approach parenting the “right” way.

Parenting Mission Statement Facebook 1We are constantly inundated with information and we often find ourselves stressed trying to figure out what to do. We want to foster positive values in our children, and want them to be successful and fulfilled. But, what if the most effective way to promote behaviours, skills and values is by making positive choices for ourselves?

By coming up with a mission statement for yourself, in the context of your family, you can clarify how you want to make decisions in your home. This can help you be proactive in parenting decisions and steadfast in how you want to “pick battles” before challenging situations arise.

Take a few minutes, on your own, or with your partner to come up with a basic mission statement. You might be amazed at what comes to mind!


Here are a few questions to help spark some ideas and frame your thinking:

1. What parts of your family life feel the most natural?

2. During a “regular” day or week, when do you feel the most contented? What are you doing at that time?

3. What are the values you care about? What actions in your life exemplify this?

4. How would you want yourself to be described by others? And your children?

5. In which moments do you feel most proud of yourself and/or your family members?

6. What do you wish you spent more time doing?

7. What do you wish you spent less time doing?


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