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5 Tips to Stimulate Summer Learning

Guest post from Joanne Sallay of Teachers on Call

The sun is shining, summer break is here, and students are enjoying time off from school. While they definitely deserve a much needed break, the entire summer is a long time to go without educational enrichment. This can be challenging for the best of students, but can definitely impact those who are currently behind and struggling.

Preventing learning loss over the break, popularly referred to as the “summer slide” is on the minds of many parents. Whether your kids are relaxing at home, off at camp, or enjoying a family holiday, there are countless opportunities for learning through fun activities that reinforce school curriculum.

The Teachers on Call team of tutors has rounded up 5 suggestions to stimulate and re-inforce summer learning:

Summer Learning FBook Small1) Recreational reading: Reading over the summer break is a popular recommendation from educators. Accompany your kids to your local library or bookstore to select reading material that interests them, or scroll virtual options together with e-readers.

2) Fun with numbers: Math does not need to be associated only with worksheets and tests. There are many real world examples, games and apps to work on over the summer break. For a few suggestions, click here.

3) Family road trips: Are you planning a car ride to visit relatives or a trip to the cottage? Make the journey enjoyable and educational with games that reinforce geography and history. For suggestions, check out this activities list.

4) STEM field trips: There are numerous attractions and places for families to visit over the summer holiday (and all year long) that promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning. If you are looking for some venues, check out this list.

5) Summer scrapbooks: What better way to document summer adventures than with a scrapbook? If your child is interested in arts, encourage them to take pictures and keep mementos to create a summer album.

What will you try this summer?


Joanne Sallay is the President of Teachers on Call, an award-winning home tutoring service with over 30 years of experience providing one-on-one instruction in all subjects and grades. 

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