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Getting ready for the next school year starts this summer

It’s that time of year where school starts to wrap up, and if you have ADHD in your home, you might really be feeling like you need a serious break. You probably all (parents and students) want to run out the front doors of the school and not give another thought to anything academic until the absolute last minute in September.

Wait, stop, not so fast!

Before you put school “out of mind” for the summer, consider these 3 steps (we promise it will be easier now than in the fall)!


1. Make a list (with your child) of what has been successful/helpful this school year.

It is important to think about your learning environment and rituals while they are fresh in all of your minds. Try to take stock of what has been instrumental to getting action activity boy small 296301through the year, and also consider any gaps where support could have been better. Assessing these factors now is a key way to avoid the 6 week lag that we often see in the fall, where students don’t actually get full supports in place until after parent/teacher interviews and/or midterm results. Especially if your child is transitioning to a new school, it is critical to source out how to get accommodations and a team in place before the busyness of September kicks in.

2. Consider having your child do a psycho-educational assessment this summer.

Getting data about how your child learns can be pivotal to helping set up the right type of academic environment. By analyzing strengths, challenges, social/emotional wellbeing and overall IQ through a comprehensive learning profile, you can be a step ahead about how your child participates in the learning process. Everyone learns differently, and the more you understand about how your brain works, the more you can customize your own process for success. In addition, this assessment includes time with our medical and psychological team in order to do a comprehensive mental health status check-in across all areas of wellbeing.

3. Put together written documentation for your child's school

Sharing relevant and updated documentation with your child’s school well in advance can help your child be set up for success from the very first day of school. Perhaps it is a letter outlining some of the strategies that have worked in the past, an assessment report or even an email from your perspective as a parent. Not sure what to share? Consider booking a session with our educational consultant to understand your options better.


Many parents we talk to often want to wait to communicate into the fall, but we often see these families in October and they are regretting not having done the steps to get in the cue now! We believe that early advocacy tends to set students up for the best success, and allows you to prevent bigger issues.

And then, you (and your child) are truly dismissed for a well deserved break!


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