Surviving the Winter Holidays with ADHD


We’re not sure if you’ve noticed lately, but the holidays are here. Yes, Christmas is all around us, Kwanzaa is approaching, and the Menorah is being lit as we speak. Even if you don’t have a specific holiday that you celebrate, the holidays can’t be avoided.

Don’t get us wrong, we here at Springboard Clinic view this as an awesome fact. We’re all for parties, yummy treats, and spending quality time with our friends and families during this time of year. But…

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ADHD Friendly Goal Setting: When SMART goals aren’t quite smart enough…

When it comes to goal setting and ADHD, SMART goals are important, but we think there’s more to it…

First of all, whether or not you’ve heard of SMART goals before, you’ve likely been told at one point that you’re much more likely to accomplish a goal when it’s clearly defined. What we mean by this is that you’re much more likely to get to the gym if you set out a goal to “go to the gym at my school once a week after class for a month” versus if you say you’re going to “start going to the gym.”

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Standing up for yourself: Self-advocacy and ADHD

Sometimes it can feel like there is so much out of your control. You just can’t keep up with writing notes in class while at the same time paying attention to the lecture. Your partner is mad at you again for being late. Or you just don’t feel like you ever have time to get some exercise, let alone some time to yourself.

No matter how much you fight it, there will always be barriers getting in the way of your goals, and if you feel like you don’t have a grasp on them, the resulting feeling can be pretty demotivating. You may feel helpless, completely overwhelmed, or even just a general sense of dissatisfaction. No matter what though, it’s not enjoyable...

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4 ADHD-Friendly Recommendations for Better Eating Habits

While we do consider ourselves ADHD “experts,” we are by no means nutritionists – we’re in no position to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating. That being said, there are nutritional recommendations that many practitioners working with ADHD suggest – based on a large body of research and anecdotal evidence.

Intellectually, most of us know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like. We all grew up with various versions of the food pyramid or food guides, and we all had somebody at some point in our life lecture us about the evils of deep fried food (however delicious it is)...

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