4 ADHD-Friendly Recommendations for Better Eating Habits

While we do consider ourselves ADHD “experts,” we are by no means nutritionists – we’re in no position to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating. That being said, there are nutritional recommendations that many practitioners working with ADHD suggest – based on a large body of research and anecdotal evidence.

Intellectually, most of us know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like. We all grew up with various versions of the food pyramid or food guides, and we all had somebody at some point in our life lecture us about the evils of deep fried food (however delicious it is)...

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ADHD-Friendly Habit Building

If you’re like many other individuals with an ADHD diagnosis, you’ve likely had difficulty developing habits – whether it is a consistent study schedule, or even remembering to put your keys somewhere you’ll always find them. The fact is, although habit-building is a powerful way to introduce structure into your life,...

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Think Different. A lesson in harnessing our strengths

If you tend to “think different” – such as with many individuals with ADHD – you’ll appreciate the article below about Steve Jobs, who, as most of you know, passed away earlier this month.

Steve Jobs was the perfect example of someone who successfully harnessed their unique strengths and used them to his advantage...

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Learning to say NO: 6 tips to help curb over-commitment

image Despite being aware of the consequences of over-commitment, ADHD adults tend to have a difficult time saying no to others. In the moment, it can be all too easy to let the word ‘yes’ slip out.

We all know to ‘just say no’ to drugs. That’s an easy one. Most of us also know to ‘just say no’ to acid wash jeans and denim cut-off shorts for men. So why is it so hard, then, to wrap our heads around the idea that it’s also okay to ‘just say no’ to seemingly innocent requests that eat up your time and resources?...

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Adult ADHD: An Underrepresented Diagnosis

Below is a link to a really interesting article published recently in the Globe and Mail about how adult ADHD has not received nearly the same level of recognition as ADHD in children.

To pique your interest, here are a couple of statistics included in the article that really spoke to us:

“A 2006 U.S. study found that only about 10 per cent of adults with ADHD receive appropriate treatment"...

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