Morning Routines and ADHD: How to Make Breakfast Happen!

Breakfast for busy morningsBreakfast: The most important meal of the day. We're constantly bombarded with this message, so why does it so often get skipped?

There could be any number of reasons for this, but often when ADHD is in the picture it's a matter of "There's no time!!". Individuals with an ADHD diagnosis often struggle with time management and organization, so when the time comes to have breakfast, they're either already late, have other things they would rather be doing, or don't even think of it. Hands up if you relate to this even slightly!

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Thriving with ADHD: 5 Steps you can do before breakfast that will change your life

One thing we’ve learned working with hundreds of clients with ADHD is that the way you start your day matters. Every day. A bad morning can quickly turn into missing work, pulling away from the habits that you know help, wishing ADHD away instead of facing it square on with your army/loved ones. Your forward momentum can turn quickly, and suddenly that old feeling of hopelessness can creep in.

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Women and ADHD: The cost of doing it all

women and ADHDWith International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, we thought it would be important to acknowledge some of the unique challenges that women with ADHD tend to face. One such challenge is a tendency to take on too much.

No, this is not necessarily exclusive to women, nor to ADHD. Yes, things are shifting with respect to gender roles and expectations…the times they are a changing. That being said, we do still often see women at the clinic who are spreading themselves thin and taking on multiple roles – sometimes more than seems possible...

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