6 Tips for Getting Organized with ADHD

disorganization ADHDDisorganization is a common and often debilitating ADHD symptom. As part of this, many ADHD adults struggle to keep their physical space organized. Their home is messy, or they have giant piles of paperwork all over their desks. As you can imagine, this can waste a lot of time, and sometimes even money to deal with. Being chronically disorganized also takes up a lot of mental energy. A disorganized environment can fuel a disorganized mind.

Getting organized - and staying organized - is not always (or ever) a fun task. But, as difficult as it can be, ADHD adults thrive with structure and organization. It's a necessary - and beneficial - part of life.

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Tax Prep for People with ADHD

ADHD and TaxesIt's tax season! In Canada, that means your returns for 2015 have to be filed on or before April 30. Yes, it isn't even the start of April. Yes, if you're like many ADHD adults, you might not even be thinking about taxes - that deadline seems far away.

Like it or not, April 30th is going to come up before you know it. You have the deadline, why not get started on things so you're not overwhelmed closer to the date?

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ADHD and Sleep: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

common sleep mistakesFun Fact: A good night's sleep is absolutely vital to our well-being. We may feel like we can 'get by' on little sleep, but sleep deprivation is harmful for many reasons.

Aside from a list of short and long-term health consequences, if you have an ADHD diagnosis, sleep may be even more essential. For example, sleep deprivation can impact focus and self-regulation. These are two key areas of difficulty with ADHD - so lack of sleep adds to a challenge that's already there.

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Greatest Hits: Maintaining (or Re-Gaining) Momentum on your New Years Resolutions

new years resolutions and ADHDNow is the time of year that many people - with or without ADHD - make New Years resolutions. These are promises we make to ourselves to change some aspect of our lifestyle. While it's still early in the year, we thought now would be a good time to think about potential setbacks. Sometime soon, your motivation may wane. The 'newness' of your resolution will wear thin. So, what are some ideas in anticipation of that?

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Making the Holidays your own with or without ADHD

If you've seen the sitcom Seinfeld, you might be aware of the December 23rd holiday Festivus: "A Festivus for the rest of us!" According to Wikipedia, this parody holiday was created by the father of one of the show's writer Dan O'Keefe, as a non-commercial alternative to the more traditional celebrations. While we don't necessarily recommend all of the traditions of Festivus for your family - particularly the "airing of grievances" where you tell people all the ways they've disappointed you in the past year - the idea of creating your own unique holiday is a great one.

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Balancing Responsibilities with ADHD

balance and ADHDFor those of you with ADHD, do you find it difficult to balance your competing responsibilities? Do you tend to 'hyper-focus' on tasks that aren't necessarily the priority? Do you find yourself getting pulled in too many different directions and have too much on your plate? Does the idea of "self-care" seem like a foreign idea that sounds nice, but just isn't a part of your life? If so, you're on the same page as many other adults with ADHD!

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