Why you're always late: Time Management and ADHD

time management and ADHDAre you always late for everything? Despite your best intentions, do you find yourself losing track of time and missing appointments? Or frustrating your friends? Or getting bad performance reviews because of tardiness?

Time management is a common challenge with ADHD, that often translate into trouble with punctuality for a lot of adults. If this sounds familiar, check out the article; The 6 Reasons You're Always Late for Everything. The article touches on some explanations, like "one-more-thing-itis," and trying to "avoid the prospect of empty time" by showing up early.

If you're always late, as a first step, it's important to better understand why this happens for you. Awareness of what actually gets in the way for yourself is important to figure out the right strategies that might work for you. So, take a day and track your time or jot down some notes. Or, ask for help from a loved one who might see some patterns you're not aware of. Whatever helps!

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