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Surviving the Winter Holidays with ADHD


We’re not sure if you’ve noticed lately, but the holidays are here. Yes, Christmas is all around us, Kwanzaa is approaching, and the Menorah is being lit as we speak. Even if you don’t have a specific holiday that you celebrate, the holidays can’t be avoided.

Don’t get us wrong, we here at Springboard Clinic view this as an awesome fact. We’re all for parties, yummy treats, and spending quality time with our friends and families during this time of year. But…

…there can a dark side to the holidays.

During these times, there is often a seemingly endless list of things to get done, and a seemingly limited amount of time to get them done. On top of this, there’s something about this time of year that often throws our schedules and routines out of whack. Individuals with ADHD often have difficulty managing their day-to-day responsibilities, so you can imagine how overwhelming it can be to add the responsibilities of the holidays to the mix.

Knowing this, our message for you today is: it doesn’t have to be like that. With a little perspective and planning, “holiday” doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

To get some tips on how to bring back some of the joy in this holiday season, please check out Five Habits for Highly Festive Holidays for ADHDers.

Our favorite quote: “Forgive yourself and others…I may have the best of intentions, but ultimately forget to thank this person, don’t send a card, buy a wrong size, etc…but I need to realize that the holidays are an especially harried time for my brain. Every day I will intend to do the best I can, and work to let the rest go.”


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