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25 Great things about having ADHD: For Adults

In response to a child-friendly article with 25 great things about having ADHD, a lot of adults let us know that the post really resonated with them. That made us think, it’s not just children who have ADHD, so it would be silly of us to ignore the great things about having ADHD as an adult.

At any age, an ADHD diagnosis can be difficult to wrap your head around. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of your symptoms and the impact that they have on your life.

What we often forget, though, is the fact that there are numerous positive characteristics that come with having ADHD, and these too should be given their day in the sun. Not all of them will apply to you, but as before, we’re sure you’ll recognize yourself in some of them. Yes, ADHD can be frustrating; yes, it can be a pain in the butt sometimes. But today, we want you to focus on the gifts

  1. imageHave lots of energy
  2. Willing to try new things and take risks
  3. Sparkling personality
  4. Good inventor
  5. Think outside the box
  6. Need less sleep
  7. Great sense of humour
  8. Empathetic
  9. Ready to talk, can talk a lot
  10. Warm and loving
  11. Rarely satisfied with the status quo
  12. Life of the party
  13. Good in a crisis
  14. Excellent motivator of others
  15. Persistent
  16. Enthusiastic
  17. Great improviser
  18. Able to see the big picture
  19. Independent
  20. Courageous
  21. Can do several things at one time
  22. Great memory for things of interest
  23. Articulate
  24. Can create order from chaos
  25. Think big, dream big

We want to know: What would you add to this list?

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