A perspective on ADHD from @Yashar

Yashar FacebookRecently Yashar Ali (@yashar) shared a thread on twitter about his experience living with ADHD as an adult.

He talked about what ADHD is, and what it isn’t.

He told us about why he needs so many towels and what it can look like to share your diagnosis at work.

He was open about his experience with medication and how it has transformed his life.

He also talked about how misunderstood ADHD continues to be.

He explained that when people casually mention “squirrel!”, it is hurtful...same with when people make fun of medication use, or minimize the legitimacy of it.

ADHD is real. 

Having ADHD is really tough.

When properly treated and understood, though, it doesn’t have to hold you back.
And you can often even do stuff others can’t.

Let’s raise awareness and the dialogue.

Check out Yashar's thread on Twitter and this follow up piece on CBC.








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