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Why can’t I get to sleep on time? Avoid these 3 ADHD pitfalls...

If you are sleep deprived, you are not functioning optimally in any area of your life. And if you have ADHD, being severely behind on sleep can be the difference between making it and not being able to cope.

So, don’t get stuck in one of these “classic” ADHD “evening traps”:

Sleep Deprivation Facebook“It’s finally quiet - I can actually get some work done...”

Perhaps you didn’t have the most productive day. Maybe you were focusing on the needs of others or waiting for your priorities to come into a clearer view. Only when everyone else is asleep are you able to focus on your own agenda. In an attempt to make up for time management struggles, you end up getting further behind on sleep (and your work).

“I’ll just go online for a few minutes...”

You tell yourself you’re just going to check one “quick” thing, and then, of course, one link leads to another, and you are up half the night, without anything to show for it. Maybe even more concerning, now you can’t fall asleep, because your brain hasn’t been able to slow down. You feel like this is the time you can “just relax” by letting your brain trail off wherever it feels like... but, by the time morning hits, you are wrestling with feelings of regret and frustration because you’re behind before you even start.

“What! It’s already 11 pm?!?...”

You don’t have any structure in place, and suddenly time has flown, and you are still up. You don’t know what you have been doing, but you missed your bedtime goal again. Without putting some routines/reminders and structure into your evenings, you can find yourself in a “twilight zone”.


Don’t let time dissipate. Don’t let ADHD win. Be in charge - put value on yourself and that means getting some restorative zzzzzs.



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