But, will telling the truth about my “dark” feelings really set me free?

It can be hard to admit to yourself and those around you when you are feeling down. In our experience, people tend to wait in silence as long as they possibly can. The problem is the longer you hold these thoughts to yourself, the bigger they get.

We believe that it is in “walking through” the darkness that you can find your light.

Check out our “top 5 reasons” people don’t speak up about their mental health issues:

Find Your Light Facebook1. You are afraid of conflict or of disappointing someone else.

You keep it to yourself because you don’t want others to be worried about you or angry at you. You put the emotions of others ahead of your own by not making yours matter and feel like a priority.

2. You don’t want to sound like you are ungrateful.

You think your problems are not worthy of validation or treatment. So many people have it worse, right? So, you keep your thoughts to yourself and don’t “allow” yourself to reach out to those around you.

3. You think that by sharing dark feelings, they will be more “real”.

You think that by saying your symptoms allowed, they will become more severe. That they will gain more power by you sharing them. You tell yourself that by pretending they are not there, you will be safer.

4. You are afraid of looking weak.

You think others will look down on you or judge you for not being able to keep your feelings “in check”. You are afraid it will impact how you are seen socially or at work.

5. You are too busy to think about it.

You don’t take time to check-in with yourself. Numb to your feelings, you just keep “pushing” on. You urge any internal dialogue to “be quiet” and hope that by not thinking about it, it will go away.


If you are struggling and think that one of these notions might be holding you back from seeking help, consider reaching out to a trusted loved one. By sharing your authentic self, you will likely connect more deeply and the dark feelings can be less.

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