Check out CADDAC’s “ADHD Speaks” initiative

October is ADHD awareness month and many wonderful organizations are working to offer opportunities for individuals to engage in the ADHD community. We are sharing a call-out from CADDAC, encouraging individuals who understand ADHD to speak up and spread the word. If you don’t know about CADDAC, you should. They are an amazing non-profit organization who works tirelessly to advocate for individuals with ADHD of all ages.

With ADHD awareness month in mind, consider submitting a piece and/or start following the journey of “ADHD speaks”:

ADHD speaksCADDAC, is launching, a national multi-year ADHD awareness campaign called "ADHD Speaks". We are trying to break the silence and get people talking about ADHD. ADHD Speaks is about increasing understanding and decreasing the existing stigma around ADHD.

CADDAC is asking people of all ages, and walks of life, those with ADHD, caregivers, educators, medical professionals and anyone whose life has been touched by ADHD to help effect change by speaking out about ADHD.

Share your thoughts, experiences or revelations about ADHD by sending CADDAC:
• A brief video clip or audio clip using your smartphone.
• A written story or picture.
• Contact your elected officials to let them know that ADHD matters to you.

Patrick McKenna and other Canadian celebrities speak out about their ADHD and invite the public to join the conversation. For more details visit CADDAC's Youtube Channel or Website.




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