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How choosing growth, not fear, has helped me as an entrepreneur

Over the past 9 years of entrepreneurship, there have been many pivotal moments of fear that have stopped me in my tracks.

For good reason, I think: being an entrepreneur can be really scary and at times, overwhelming.

Sometimes it gets old to come up with a new solution to that unexpected thing that has just come up.

And on a daily basis, you are almost never working on what you had planned to work on.
And more stuff is coming up constantly in a shifting landscape where management strategies need to continuously evolve.

Sometimes I am awake all night with circling ideas and thoughts. Often, I am faced with questions that I just don’t know the answer to.

Sometimes it feels like a lot, the magnitude of it all.

On the one hand, the honour and vast opportunity in front of me, and on the other: the responsibility that it is on an everyday basis.

It can feel very big, even if your business is small.

Maybe the most important thing I have learned through these ups and downs is about mindset. If you can stay in a growth headspace, if you can move through the fears, and see beyond, you can find a way.

You can take the next step.
You can see the forest through the trees.

So when you’re feeling stuck, or overwhelmed, or unsure of where to go, try to choose growth.
Try to choose possibility.

Here are my 4 lessons that have helped me move past my fears and doubts (countless times):

Growth Not Fear Entrepreneur Fbook1. Know your company’s mission statement
Sometimes when things get “hairy” in the day to day, it can be hard to remember why you were/are even doing this in the first place. You can get stuck agonizing over decisions (that maybe don’t even matter that much in the big picture) when you’re just not sure how to approach them. Having a clear and defined game plan for what you are doing and why you are doing it can really ground you in your process.

2. Stay true to you
Many people will weigh in on your journey. A lot of the time, you want and need the advice of others. At the end of the day, though, it is key that you feel that you have made choices that ethically and conceptually feel right “in your gut”. Decisions have to feel moral within your personal value system so you can sleep at night and like the person that you look at in the mirror every morning.

3. Save for a rainy day
Financial pressure in a business can make stress increase exponentially. And yet, so many small business owners are spending beyond their means. Try to keep a long-term vision on the financial success of your business, and whatever you do- don’t overspend in your personal life. As soon as you feel stretched or are overwhelmed by your financial situation at home, it will make the pressure skyrocket at work. Make disciplined choices and do your best to be conservative with your estimates. The reality with running a business is that stuff changes quickly and usually without warning. If you have some prosperity, work to put away a “safety net” before taking on more fixed costs at home.

4. Do something once a week just because you can
When you get deep in the day to day, it can be hard to remember to celebrate. You can get so immersed in everything you have “to do” to keep it all going, or in feelings of guilt about taking a break that you don’t get to reap the rewards of actually running your own company. Take moments away to remind yourself that it is all worth it, and that you should be proud for just “keeping alive” out there!


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