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ADHD Morning routine 101

Do you have a morning routine? If you have ADHD and you have never asked yourself this question, you probably don’t have one! You might not even realize that people have “those”. You might be shaking in your boots at the thought of such a rigid regime! Before running for the hills, and telling yourself “you don’t need one!”, read through our top tips for setting your day up for success. You might just find these tips will change your life.

ADHD Morning Routine Fbook1. Move your alarm out of reach (and make sure it is loud!)
Before your pre-frontal cortex is engaged, you can sabotage your intentions from the night before. By moving your alarm clock away from your bed, you are forced to stand up, and walk over, which can often be enough to get you to stay awake and follow through with your wake up goal. Pressing snooze not only gets you behind with your day before you even start; it also make you feel like you have failed before you have even begun.

2. Prep the night before (when your pre-frontal cortex is at its best)
Set out your clothes, pack your bag, find your keys. This can help you avoid being in a morning “fog”, where you get held back by small decisions. As much as possible, try to set yourself up for a calm departure out the door. This headspace will carry into the rest of your day and give you strength to push through when challenges come at you.

3. Walk around the block (or at least sit on your front stoop)
By getting a little fresh air (in summer or winter), you can find inspiration from the outdoors. Even a quick walk to the end of the driveway can help bring your experience into perspective and focus. You can see yourself within the context of everything around you, and “step outside of your own head”. And when you have ADHD, sometimes you really need that feeling.

4. Eat breakfast (consider prepping it the night before!)
Breakfast can be so easy to skip, especially when you’re in a rush. Try to have healthy options prepped so you can help nourish your brain before heading out the door. Items like a pre-prepped smoothie, or some hard boiled eggs in the fridge can be easy on the go solutions. The important thing is not to skip breakfast and to make sure it has protein in it. It will help carry you through beating ADHD all day long.


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