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Have you lost music in your life? 4 ADHD mistakes to avoid

If you have ADHD, you might find you are extra sensitive to sensory experiences around you, particularly in your auditory environment. You might feel easily overwhelmed by certain sounds or types of music. On the other hand, you might also find that music can move you deeply, almost dramatically. If this is true for you, you will find that strategically placing music in your life, can make a legitimate difference in your ability to focus and manage tasks.

Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid if you have ADHD and have (temporarily) lost music in your life.

Music Mistakes FBook1) You have given up on finding your music. Perhaps you realized a long time ago that you have to put yourself in a “relative sensory deprivation tank” to get any work done, and now, you don’t believe that you can get anything done with music on. You are easily distracted or overwhelmed by some music, and you haven’t explored what playlist you might enjoy/benefit from. Consider trying playlists like “pop versions of classical songs” or “epic film scores” to build motivation for something challenging. There might be something out there that will truly enhance your life (and help you manage your symptoms!).

2) You aren’t organized enough to have the music you like when you want it. Perhaps you can’t find your headphones (or need new ones), or you don’t have any music downloaded on your phone, or maybe you haven’t set up speakers in your house yet. You love and would benefit from the right soundtrack, but you just don’t have it on hand when you want or need it.

3) You’re afraid to speak up for your music choice. In your household, bigger opinions rule the roost, so you just end up listening to what others want. In doing so, you aren’t able to figure out what type of sound would actual improve your quality of life, and you end up thinking you don’t even really like music anyway.

4) You stopped dancing to music. Children dance to music (until a certain age, they do so fearlessly) and this can be a connecting and unwinding experience. If ADHD symptoms have gotten you feeling pretty serious, and often in a state of frustration, you might not have many positive outlets in your repertoire. Consider learning to let go again (to the right soundtrack), so that you can be more present and tackle what is ahead of you. There aren’t many better ways to unwind than to hit the dance floor. And by taking down stress, you can more effectively wake up your executive functioning skills.

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