Video share: "Try Different, Try Again"

At Springboard, we are often walking alongside our clients as they are working to develop new strategies and innovative ways of solving issues that come up. In other words, instead of trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, they are trying to harness strengths in order to overcome challenges. 

We came across this awesome must see video from Jessica at How To ADHD. She does such an incredible job of describing the journey of finding your own way, and learning what works for you, with a simple story of a little fish.

The chorus really resonated with us:

“When you get discouraged, try different, try again.
Because failing just might mean you’re trying to climb instead of swim”.

It can be really discouraging to feel like your brain works differently, and when you look around you, you can feel like you are the “odd one out”.

The reality is that if you have ADHD, your brain is different. But finding your own route to success, peace and happiness is possible. And the answers of how to get there are inside you. In finding community and support, you too can reach your goals. You too can find your route to the ocean.

Thanks Jessica for making this awesome video!



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